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Why Investors May — Or May Not — Be Excited About Mytheresa Going Public

As Mytheresa gears up to go public, Wall Street is eyeing the financial future of the platform as it seeks to put the past — including Neiman Marcus’ bankruptcy — behind it.

These Are 6 Footwear Stocks to Buy in 2021, According to Market Watchers

Volatile. Unpredictable. Unprecedented.

The 2020 financial markets were a wild roller coaster ride that had many investors white-knuckling it for several months.

The Three Big Trends Google, Gap and Bevel Say Are Driving Business in 2021

Execs from the tech giant, apparel chain and the Procter & Gamble-owned men’s startup unpack the pandemic-nudged market shifts poised to fuel business this year — and why they matter.

As JCPenney’s CEO exits, a turnaround is still far away

The architect of JCPenney’s most recent turnaround plan has left the company — and it’s unclear what the department store’s next move will be.

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