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Jane Hali & Associates - Retail & Brand Investment Research has been quoted in various publications:


March 8, 2023

Fashion startups like ThredUp and Stitch Fix face pressure to cut costs on the public market

Some once-hot fashion startups are struggling to convince Wall Street that they can stem their losses.


March 6, 2023

Retailers say customers are focusing on essentials

Between inflation and a possible looming recession, retailers are on edge


March 3, 2023

Victoria’s Secret will reboot its fashion show this year as turnaround gains traction

Victoria’s Secret has a ways to go in its turnaround, a sharp marketing reversal toward more inclusive, female-empowerment messaging and merchandising.


March 3, 2023

Retailers Fear High-Flying US Consumers Are Falling Back to Earth

One of the biggest questions for investors over the past year has been when Americans will pull back on spending and trigger a recession.


February 28, 2023

Target leans into ‘affordable joy’ and its cheap chic reputation as sales slow

As Target sees growth slowing in sales and customer traffic, the company said Tuesday it will spend between $4 billion and $5 billion in the coming fiscal year to offer fresh merchandise, new services and faster delivery.

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