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Inside Neiman Marcus’s $500 million tech investment

July 21, 2021

After a rocky few years, the luxury American retailer is hoping that personalisation, faster delivery and tech-enabled stores will enhance its value to customers. We sit down with the new EVP leading the investment.


From Aerie to Zara, retailers are turning viral TikTok moments into sales gold

July 13, 2021

Teens are scouring TikTok for fashion inspiration.

Thanks to the social media platform’s easily searchable hashtags and the power of influencer accounts, retailers have seen a number of products become viral sensations, including a Lululemon skort, a Gap hoodie and a pair of Aerie leggings.

Eyeing a bigger opportunity to win sales, retailers such as Aeropostale and Abercrombie & Fitch are looking for ways to capitalize on these viral moments.


Ramirez: Nike has a great playbook, and anything it does is extremely consumer-centric

June 25, 2021

Jessica Ramirez, retail research analyst at Jane Hali & Associates, discusses Nike's latest quarterly results, and how the company uses data from its digital business and mobile app to anticipate what the consumer needs, and what needs to be localized with products in stores and the retail experience.


Selfridges is for sale. Who’s buying?

June 21, 2021

The billionaire family behind Selfridges & Co, whose London flagship is one of retail’s most iconic businesses, is considering buyer interest after receiving an unsolicited approach valuing it at £4 billion ($5.6 billion).


Top of the shops: How Depop took over the world

June 21, 2021

Josh Silverman fancies himself pretty hip. For the office, the Etsy boss wears a uniform of skinny jeans and Italian polo shirts, offset with vintage watches. This Stanford Business School graduate, estimated to be worth $11 million, likes a challenge, too.