Industry & Consumer Driven Perspectives

Get Ahead of the Curve

Independent Customized Retail Research for Investment Professional

We help our clients stay ahead of the curve by spotting emerging business trends and potential catalysts before quarterly reporting


View Retail Apparel and Footwear Through a Different Lens


Our perspective is driven by industry experience and the behavioral shifts of the global consumer.


Our in-depth analysis includes:

Macro trends  |    Company specific development  |  Global consumer buying habits and trends


Strategic & Quantitative Insights in Real-Time


Our goal is to provide the research our clients need to make distinctions between passing fads and multi-year structural industry trends.

You won’t get these insights from investor relations teams - get in touch now.


      “JHA Research is incorporated into the investment process by providing a basis for confirming assertions and forecasts made by company management as well as anticipating investment catalysts that are not yet recognized by the market.” 

—  Senior Portfolio Manager- Retail, NYC Mutual Fund

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