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PVH Banks on ‘90s Nostalgia

“Retro” and ‘Vintage” are “cool” merchandising terms today. We continue to see brands play on the emotion of ‘90s nostalgia, as millennials remain loyal to the decade of their pre-teen plus years. The ‘90s for millennials brings back a sense of when times were “good.” The world is uncertain today and there is a perceived lack of opportunity as youth unemployment continues to rise globally. The '90s nostalgia brings comfort to this generation.

A variety of brands such as Calvin Klein (NYSE: PVH), Tommy Hilfiger (NYSE: PVH), Nike (NYSE: NKE) and Adidas (ETR: ADS) were key brands during this fun decade and they have all brought back classics that are ringing the cash register today.

As we shop stores we have been noting retailers such as Urban Outfitters (NYSE: URBN), Bloomingdales (NYSE: M) and Lord & Taylor (TOR: CA:HBC) increase their push on the brand. UO which targets millennials has exclusive capsule collections with Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Wrangler. These collections have seen success as they have had sell out items.

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