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Omni-channel and Technology at NRF

Across the 3 days at NRF, we feel brands/retailers are more aware of the issues they are facing. It feels like 2017 was a year for retailers to ramp up their omni-channel strategies and begin to work with technology in order to create seamless experiences.

We feel brands/retailers will be investing more in technology in 2018 and begin to use the data they are collecting to better service the needs of their customers.

On the consumer and retail side, mobile will continue to be a focus. Mobile is where consumers spend most of their time.


  • The topic around mobile went beyond a consumer facing app.

  • Brands/Retailers are developing apps to help store associates reduce their time spent on mindless tasks and allows them to become more customer focused.

  • Apps are also collecting more data that introduces a more transparent way of viewing inventory and allows them to better merchandise locally.


  • Ted in with mobile, there is a push for contactless payment

  • Apple pay is working with businesses to better integrate their apps with rewards programs and also create a seamless shopping experience, in-store, online or on mobile.


  • 2017 seems to be the year retailers finally understood their e-commerce, mobile and in-store strategies need to work as one

  • By holiday we noted brands/retailers having a strong message towards consumers of communicating their omni-channel abilities

  • Retailers are also enhancing their apps so consumers can use them while they shop in-store


  • Social media channels continue to help businesses speak to their consumers directly

  • Brands are using tools such as stories with polling embedded in them to involve their customer in the product development process

  • Not only is social media helping brands speak to their consumer, they are also using social media to help them make decisions on product.


  • As brands/retailers are collecting more data through the technology they are implementing, they are starting to use it to better serve their customers.

  • Data is helping them become more customer centric.


  • Looking to the future and creating easier shopping situations with contactless pay, more businesses are interested in considering face recognition technology as a tool to having consumers walk out the door without ever touching their wallet.

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