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'90s Iconic Brands On Trend

The '90s trend opened up a window for brands that were popular in that decade to reinvent themselves. Brands such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger (NYSE: PVH) have benefited.

As we shop retailers for “Back-to-School”, we noticed Urban Outfitters (NYSE:URBN) supporting the '90s looks and brands. Aside from Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, they are also offering Fila and Wrangler in the brand mix, buying into an edgier version of the brands.

Jane Hali & Associates (JHA) View

The PVH group has seen positive figures with these two key brands and has stated that even though department stores are facing a tough time, their brands (especially CK) performed well. The two brands have tapped into the millennial group that grew up with them and have welcomed a younger audience as well.

While the branding has been key during the “revival”, Calvin Klein owes much of its success to the clever marketing that allowed consumers to join in their campaign with the use of, I _________ in my #mycalvins.

During the back-to-school season we expect this “'90s revival” trend to continue to resonate with teens.

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