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Amazon Continues to be a Retail Disruptor

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) continues to be a disruptor in the retail space as consumers head to Amazon’s website before visiting other sites. In a recent study by BloomReach, which collects web and site data to interpret consumer demand, 55% of consumers turn to Amazon first when searching for products online.

Amazon is also showing no signs of giving up on winning in fashion. Subtle changes are taking place on the website to be perceived as more of a fashion shop. They recently rolled out a new campaign featuring models delivering fashion goods to consumers at their doorstep. (Hello Net-a-porter.) They are also currently promoting a holiday campaign specifically for fashionable holiday wear.

The shopping journey within Amazon Fashion has had a few improvements. The website has become more intuitive and they also weave in editorial content. Amazon is making strides to improve its look and feel in fashion, however, JHA feels it still needs more improvements through the entire fashion shopping journey. It is still lagging a strong fashion image that is essential when winning over the trust of fashion brands and their consumers. JHA believes that as more brands sign on, they will work with AMZN on its look and with “better” brands they will attract more fashion consumers.

With the holidays fast approaching we expect AMZN to promote their new fashion image. This would allow them to create further bonds with their consumers as a fashion trusted source. JHA expects AMZN to dent department store sales during this holiday season as consumers turn to a one-stop shop for all their holiday needs.

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